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Thursday, 21 April 2011


 George  V was the son of King Edward VII and was made the King of the United Kingdom and British Dominions  and Emperor of India  from 6th May 1910 to 20 January 1936 upon the passing away of his father. Indian coins were minted with his portrait/effigy from 1911 onwards till the time of his death. 
Coins in India were issued in the of denominations of  one rupee, half rupee , quarter rupee and two annas (all in silver), and 1/12 anna ,half  pice, quarter anna, one anna, two anna and four annas (all in copper) during his reign .

Pig Coins: 
In 1911, on quite a few denominations of coins issued the King was shown wearing a robe with a small elephant on it. Unfortunately, the  trunk of the elephant appeared to be like the snout of a pig and it’s legs were depicted as short and stout due to space constraints on the coin surface. The overall appearance was that of a pig which would have been  offensive to the sensibilities of some religions. These coins termed the “Pig coins” were withheld from circulation and reissued with a proper elephant design.

Coins were issued in the following denominations in silver and copper during his reign:

Silver coins –  Fifteen rupees, one rupee, half rupee, quarter rupee  and two annas.

Copper coins: Four annas, two annas, one anna, ¼ anna(one pice), half pice and 1/12 anna (one pie)

During the period of World War I (1914 to 1918) , for a short duration of time  due to the increase in silver prices,  the half rupee , quarter rupee and  two  annas were replaced by cupro-nickel coins ( eight annas, four annas  and two annas but these  proved to be quite unpopular, as such the silver coins production was started once again , notwithstanding the costs.

Now having read the details of George V's reign above, I am going to ask you a "trick" question. Look closely at the coin given above. It was issued in 1939 , i.e. the year in which one of the most intricate and beautiful rupee coins is said to have been minted. What is wrong with this coin?
Well, the answer is simple. Georve V died in January 1936, whereas this coin is dated 1939 and shows his effigy instead of George VI's portrait. Obviously, this is a counterfeit coin. 

I have shown here a one quarter anna coin from 1934, which is unfortunately the only genuine george V copper coin which I own (as my wife has put a ban on my purchasing any coins from coin dealers).

I am giving below some of the one rupee silver coins issued by the Bombay mint,  which I own:

This is an image of the reverse side of a 1913 one rupee coin issued by Bombay mint.
Notice the dot below the lotus flower at the bottom of the coin, just above the two-lined inside circle.This is indicative of a Bombay mint issue, whereas, a Calcutta mint issue will exhibit no mint mark, a practice which the Calcutta mint follows to the present day.
I am giving below another image which will make the dot mint mark more clearly visible:

One rupee silver coin minted by Bombay mint in 1917, again showing the dot mint mark. Notice that the dot has shifted up slightly here .

A 1918 Rupee issue, again showing the dot mint mark at the normal place.
 Two coins are shown above issued in 1919 and 1920 showing the dot mint mark in the appropriate place.
All these coins mention one rupee in only two languages : English and Persian.

The undernoted one rupee coins issued by Calcutta mint in 1916, 1918, 1919 and 1920 show no mint marks:

Half rupee silver coins minted by Calcutta mint from 1927, 1933 and 1934 similarly have no mint marks:
Same is the case with quarter rupee silver coins minted by the Calcutta mint issued in 1919,1926,1929 and 1934:

All these coins exhibit two languages only : English and Persian.
Gold sovereigns were also minted in the U.K., Australia,Canada and South Africa besides India, from time to time. The gold sovereign is a gold coin with nominal value of one pound sterling, but used as a bullion coin.
Some of these sovereigns (as they are called) were also issued by Bombay mint in 1918 (because Bombay mint was declared as a Branch of London mint and these issues have the Bombay mint mark) . Some other mints which issued these coins were Ottawa (mint mark 'C' ), Melbourne (mint mark 'M'),Perth (mint mark 'P'), Sydney (mint mark 'S') , Pretoria (mint mark 'SA') among others.

One of the coins which is only a representative specimen of such coins issued all over the British Empire, is given below:

Obverse of a sovereign issued in 1930.  The coin has the legend " GEORGIVS V D.G.REG.BRITT:OMN:REX F.D.IND.IMP"surrounding the bust . 

The legend means "George V by the grace of God, King of all the Britons, defender of the Faith, Emperor of India".

The initials of the designer of the obverse side image are on the right hand side of the neck of the bust.
Reverse side of the same coin. The image shows St.George slaying the dragon.The initials of the mint which made it "SA" are on the mound below St.George and the initials of the designer of the reverse side of the coin are below the right side of the mound. This coin was issued in Pretoria mint, South Africa during the lot minted from 1929-1932.

A standard sovereign has the following specifications: Weight-7.99 gms, diameter - 21.8 mm, thickness- 1.52 mm, fineness-22 carat or 91.67%, gold content - 7.32 gms or 0.2354 troy ounces.

In February 2013, A partnership has been forged between the Royal Mint, U.K. and MMTC – PAMP , India to mint the Royal Mint’s gold sovereign commemorative coins in India for the first time in nearly a 100 years. This will give access to the Indian public to purchase genuine versions of the sovereign.  These gold coins will all carry the “I” mint mark. The last time genuine commemorative sovereigns were minted were at the Mumbai mint in 1918, when the Royal mint operated a branch mint in India for a single year during which 1.3 million sovereigns were struck. This is also a boost to the Royal Mint, U.K. which is re-entering the biggest gold market in the World – India.

The design will be the same classic Benedetto Pistrucci “St. George and the design”, the same as featured on the gold sovereigns struck in India in 1918. The coin’s first production run was of 50,000 pieces sold through select outlets. Subsequently, these would be made available pan-India through MMTC – PAMP India’s distribution network and select Banks.


Obverse side of a florin (two shillings coin) minted in 1949 in my collection. This coin was issued two years after India gained Independence.The coin shows the Bare head of George VI facing left, with the legend "GEORGIVS VI D.G:BR:OMN:REX" only. In wther words this translates into " George VI, by the grace of God,King of all Britons". Notice that the words "IND:IMP" are no longer there, showing that he is no longer Emperor of India.

Reverse side of the same florin . Notice that the letters "F.D." on the obverse side of Sovereign above have been enlarged to read "FID: DEF:" (Defender of the Faith) and has moved to the reverse side of the coin. The design has a crowned rose with a Thistle above G and Shamrock above R on the left and right and the words "Two shillings" 1949.

The above coin is one of the first one pound coin issues in 1983 in U.K. which replaced the one pound note and bears the legend "D.G.REG.FD" ELIZABETH II (meaning "By the Grace of God Queen, Defender of the Faith") The words  "OMN REX"( King/Queen of all Britons,) no longer appear on the coin.


British Crown Dependencies:

1) Specimen Banknotes from the States of Jersey

2) Coinage and Currency from the States of Jersey

3) Currency & Coinage of the Bailiwick of Guernsey

4) Currency & Coinage of Gibraltar : An Overseas Territory of Great Britain

5) Coinage of Gibraltar: (A British Overseas Territory): An Uncirculated Decimal Coin Collection Set minted by the Tower Mint, UK in 2010
6) The Isle of Man: An Uncirculated Decimal Coin Collection Set minted by Pobjoy Mint, UK in 2015

7) The Centenary of the ill-fated Titanic (15.04.1912 - 15.04.2012): An Alderney Five Pound Coin Commemorating the Maritime Legend

8) "Man of Steel": A Superman Movie: A set of stamps brought out in 2013 by Jersey post, the States of Jersey, commemorating Henry William Dalgliesh Cavill who played Superman in the Movie

9) Coins & Currency of Bermuda

10) The Bailiwick of Jersey - Presently circulating coinage - Pounds and Pence 

11) St. Helena & Ascension Islands: An Uncirculated Coin Set from 2003 

12) The Legend of the "HMAV Bounty" is interwoven with the heritage of the Pitcairn Islands: An uncirculated coin set from Pitcairn Islands in 2009 depicting the icons/relics of the Bounty minted by the New Zealand Mint 

Famous Battles

1) Bicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo and Napoleon's Exile to St. Helena: (Part I): A One Crown Commemorative coin issued by the Ascension Island (minted by Pobjoy Mint UK) 

2) Bicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo and Napoleon's Exile to st. Helena: (Part II) 1) A 5 GBP Coin issued by the Royal Mint UK. 2) A"Drie Landen Zilverset" ( ot the "Three Lands Silver set") containing coins issued by the Royal Dutch Mint including coins of Netherlands, Belgium and UK

3) Commemorating the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain by issuing a 50 Pence coin by the Royal Mint UK

Gold Coins:
1) Gold Sovereigns issued in 2013 & 2014 by MMTC-PAMP in India under licence from the Royal Mint, UK, carrying the "I" Mint Mark

2) Gold Half-Sovereigns minted by MMTC-PAMP in India in 2014 under licence from the Royal Mint UK bearing the "I" Mint Mark 

Silver Coins:

1) A 20 Pound Silver coin minted for the first timr by the royal Mint UK: reverse design carries the famous St. George slaying the dragon design found on Gold Sovereigns 

British India Coinage:

 1) East India Company Quarter Anna Copper Coin which is one of the first issues under the Coinage Act 1835

2) Victoria Coinage: When she was Queen and afterwards Empress

3) Edward VII: King & Emperor  Coinage

4) George V King Emperor Coinage

5) George VI: The last of the British India Emperors Coinage 

Other British Royalty: 

1) Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee Celebrations (1952-2012): A Five Pound Commemorative coin issued by the Royal Mint, UK

2) Commemorating Queen Elizabeth II's Coronation in 1953: A Five Pound Coin minted by the Royal Mint UK in 2013, depicting the Imperial State Crown

3) The Royal Coat of Arms of the UK: Great British 2012 Coin Set (Uncirculated) issued by the Royal Mint UK

4) Prince George's Christening Ceremony celebrated with coins issued by the Royal Mint UK in 2013

5) The British Empire:  A Case of Numismatic "segregation": (Guest Post by Rahul Kumar)

6) 1) The Portrait Collection: Various Portraits of Queen Elizabeth II on Coinage 2) The Fourth & Final Circulating coinage of the Portrait designed by Ian Rank-Broadley and the First Edition of the portrait of the Queen made by Jody Clark

 British Coinage:

1) The contribution of the Great British One-Pound coins in keeping alive the historical legends/emblems/heritage of the UK (1983 onwards)

2) Transformation of a Five shilling Coin (Crown) into the UK Twenty-five Pence & then the Five Pound Coin

3) Transformation of the Two Shilling Coin (Florin) Coin into the UK Ten Pence

4) The 350th Anniversary of the Guinea: A Two Pound Coin issued by the Royal Mint UK celebrating the milestone

 Commemorative British Coinage:

 1) Commemorating the Bicentenary of Charles Dickens: A Two pound coin celebrating his literary contributions during the Victorian Era

 2) Commemorating 50 Years of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) - presently called the World Wide Fund for Nature by issue of a Fifty Pence coin by the Royal Mint, UK

3) Coins commemorating London Olympics & Paralympics (2012)

4) Commemorating 150 Years of the London Underground : Two pound Coins minted by the Royal Mint UK, showing the "Roundel" logo and a train emerging from a tunnel 

5) Commemorating the 100th Birth anniversary of Christopher Ironside with his" Royal Arms" design on a 50 Pence coin issued by the Royal Mint, UK 

6) 800th Anniversary of the Magna Carta - the Universal Guidepost to Liberty and Freedom

Inspirations from Scottish History: 

1) The Legend of King Bruce & the Spider on Banknotes

Banknotes from Scotland:
1) Commemorating Sir William Arrol and his creation the Forth Rail Bridge by issues of Britain's first ever 5 Pound Polymer Banknote


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