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Friday, 7 April 2017

473) Norse Goddesses - Freya: 2 Dollar Silver Antiquated High Relief Coin : the first of the three coin Series issued by Tuvalu Islands & minted by the Perth Mint, Australia in 2017:

473) Norse Goddesses - Freya: 2 Dollar Silver Antiquated High Relief Coin :  the first of the three coin Series issued by Tuvalu Islands & minted by the Perth Mint, Australia in 2017:

The first coin in the new Norse Goddesses Series depicts Freya – the goddess of love, beauty, fertility, battle and death. Freya also symbolises sensuality, wile and the untamed forces of nature.

This coin is legal tender issued by the Government of Tuvalu and comes in a Presentation box titled"Freya - Norse Goddesses".

The Reverse of the 2 Dollar Silver Coin depicts Freya with her sword in her left hand and wearing her magical feathered cloak. Also shown in the design is a cat perched on her right shoulder, her golden bristled boar “Hildisvini”, a shield and a battlefield in the background. The inscription “FREYA” (in front of her) and the Perth Mint’s “P” Mint mark (on the centre right periphery) also feature in the design.
  The Obverse of the 2 Dollar Silver Coin depicts a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II designed by Ian-Rank Broadley, whose initials “IRB” appear below the Queen’s neck. On the periphery is the inscription “QUEEN ELIZABETH II, 2 OZ 9999 SILVER 2017, TUVALU, 2 DOLLARS"

To capture the depth and detail of the coin, it is struck in high relief to a rimless format and has been individually “antiquated” to give it a unique finish conveying the surface abrasions of an ancient artefact.

The specifications of this coin are:

Coin Title: Freya, Norse Goddess; Metal Composition: The coin is struck from 2 Oz of 99.99 Pure Silver; Monetary Denomination: 2 Dollars; Maximum Mintage: 2,000 pieces; Coin Layout: High Relief Design with Antique Finish; Weight: 62.213 grams; Diameter: 40.60 mm; Thickness: 6.00 mm; Designer: Ing Ing Jong

Illustrated Presentation Packaging with Numbered Certificate: The coin comes in an attractive square wooden display case with stunning engraved detail on its lid titled “Norse Goddesses. Celtic symbols/knots appear on the corners of the box. The coin is accompanied by a numbered Certificate and is packaged in a themed shipper.

More about the Norse Goddess – Freya:

 Freya (or “Freyja” in Old Norse meaning “Lady”) is one of the important goddesses in Norse Mythology. She is a member of the Vanir tribe of deities, and is an honorary member of the Aesir Gods after the Aesir-Vanir War. Her father is Njord and her mother is Nerthus. Freyr is her brother and her husband is Odr in late Old Norse literature and is none other than Odin himself.

In addition to her many talents, she was also a practitioner of “Seidr” (an organised form Norse magic and Shamanism dealing with discerning destiny and altering its course by reweaving part of its web) and was the first to bring this art to the Gods and later humans. Because of her mastery over this art she was also a “Volva” (meaning an itinerant seeress and sorceress who travelled from place to place, demonstrating her art and she was at once exalted, feared, longed for, propitiated, celebrated and scorned).

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