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Sunday, 9 April 2017

475) 100th Anniversary of the Ukranian Revolution: A 5 Hryven Nickel-Silver Commemorative coin issued by the National Bank of Ukraine on 22.03.2017:

475) 100th Anniversary of the Ukranian Revolution: A 5 Hryven Nickel-Silver Commemorative coin issued by the National Bank of Ukraine on 22.03.2017:

Ukraine is a Republic in Eastern Europe. Ukraine is located in Eastern Europe, bordered on the West by Poland, Slovakia and Hungary, on the Southwest by Romania and Moldova, on the South by the Black Sea and Sea of Azov, on the East and Northeast by Russia and on the North by Belarus.

The land is mostly farmland and the main natural resources are various kinds of metals, oil and natural gas and arable land. Although it is a relatively diverse country, it is still majority Slavic with a large Russian population, which has led to several ethnic conflicts in recent times.

The Commemorative coin:

Events surrounding the abdication of Czar Nicholas II on 15.03.1917, resulted in the initial Declaration of Independence in the spring of 1917, but this Declaration was followed by a civil conflict and a short-lived duration of Statehood.
 The two faces of the coin commemorating the initial Declaration of Independence shown against a backdrop of a crop field "ready for harvesting" symbolising that the conditions were "ripe" leading to the initial success of the Revolution

The National Bank of Ukraine has issued a new Commemorative coin which celebrates the first declaration of Ukranian Statehood, which occurred in the wake of the dissolution of the Russian Empire in 1917. This coin commemorates the events of 1917-1921, when the Ukrainian nation fought to restore and retain its statehood.

During the Revolution, the Ukranian People’s Republic, the Ukranian State and the West Ukranian People’s Republic were created.

These complex social and political events made a huge contribution to Ukraine’s regaining its Independence in 1991.

The powerful spirit of those times, together with historic transformations and changes, had, inter alia, a significant impact on Art, which reflected confusion, worry and social disturbances.

This coin has been engraved in an avant-garde style (The avant-garde originates from the French “Advance guard” or “vanguard” and includes people or works that are experimental, radical or unorthodox, with respect to art, culture and society. The avant gardist pushes the boundaries of what is accepted as the norm or the status quo, primarily in the cultural realm), which calls to mind the world famous avant-gardists, whose birth, upbringing, self-awareness and national traditions are connected with Ukraine who include David Burliuk, Kazimir Malevich, Vladmir Tatlin, Aleksandra Ekster, Vasyl Yermilov, Alexander Bogomazov et al.

This coin has been minted by the Ukranian Banknote and Minting Works on behalf of the National Bank of Ukraine. 
 The Reverse of the 5 Hryven Coin depicts a stylised and colourised composition of a dynamic moving standard/flag bearer of the blue-and yellow Ukranian flag (pad-printed).

In the background, columns of demonstrators with flags and banners symbolise that dramatic historical period in Ukraine, with its mass rallies, slogans and calls for Independence, liberty and freedom.

The stylised inscription is the lettering “YKPAIHCbKAPEBOrHO LI IR (Reverse)” (which roughly translates as “UKRANIAN REVOLUTION”) which appears on the upper periphery above the chief design, while the dates “1917-1921” appear on the lower periphery below the main image.
 The Obverse of the 5 Hryven Coin includes a depiction of the State Emblem of Ukraine and the year of issue “2017” against a dark background composition which depicts the Ukranian flag with a trident in the centre, under which is a composition signifying a shattered broken Russian Empire, including a representation of a toppled Imperial Crown seen lying on the ground (on the lower periphery of the coin). On the upper periphery is the lettering YKPAIHA, 5 rPNBEHb, 2017” (translating roughly as “Ukraine, 5 Hryven, 2017”).

The mintmark of the National Bank of Ukraine Banknote and Minting Works is engraved on the centre left periphery.

The Designers of this coin are Volodymyr Taran, Oleksandr Kharuk and Serhii Kharuk.

The Engravers of this coin are Volodymyr Demianenko and Volodymyr Atamanchuk

The specifications of this coin are:

Name of issuing country: Ukraine; Year of issue: 2017; Denominational value: 5 Hryven; Metallic composition: Nickel-Silver; Weight: 16.54 grams; Diameter: 35.0 mm; Shape: Round; Orientation: Medal alignment; Edge: Corrugated. Mintage Limit: 35,000 pieces.

(I am in the process of compiling the links to all the posts on East European states on this blog & will put them up ASAP.)

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