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Monday, 5 June 2017

521) 50 Dollar Polymer Banknote: issued by Trinidad and Tobago in 2014, winner of the prestigious 2014 “International Bank Note Society Award” (IBNS) declared in 2015:

521) 50 Dollar Polymer Banknote: issued by Trinidad and Tobago in 2014, winner of the prestigious 2014 “International Bank Note Society Award” (IBNS) declared in 2015:

The International Bank Note Society (IBNS) prestigious “Bank Note of the Year Award” (2014) was won by the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago for its 50 Dollar Polymer Banknote out of a field of almost 130 new Banknotes released worldwide during 2014, of which almost three dozen were of sufficiently new designs to be eligible for the nomination.

The Swiss Banknote narrowly pipped the French Pacific Territories (Tahiti) 5000 Franc Banknote and the 10 Dinar Banknote from Kuwait, to the post.

From all significantly newly designed and widely circulated Banknotes released in 2014, the IBNS membership nominated Banknotes from 12 different countries to put on the ballot for selecting the Banknote of the Year”. Nominees represented three continents (Europe, Asia and Africa), the Middle East and 4 Island Nations (2 in the Americas).

About the International Bank Note Society:

The International Bank Note Society (IBNS) was founded in 1961 and is a non-profit educational organisation with objectives to promote, stimulate and advance the study, collection and dissemination of information related to Paper Money. It seeks to provide knowledge of worldwide Banknotes and paper Currencies along educational, scientific and historical lines.

Now in its 56th year (in 2017) the IBNS has over 2000 members worldwide.

Some past recent winners of the “Bank Note of the Year” Award have included – Kazakhstan (2013, 2012, 2011), Uganda (2010), Bermuda (2009), Samoa (2008), Scotland (2007), Comoros (2006), Faeroe Islands (2005) and Canada (2004).

For my post on the Comoros Islands Banknotes, including the winner of the IBNS Award for 2006 winner, please visit the following link: Currency of the Comoros Islands: Comorian Franc and Centimes

About the 50 Dollar Polymer Banknote issued by the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago:

The Trinidad and Tobago 50 Dollar Polymer Banknote was produced collaboratively by the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago and De La Rue Currency of England (the Security Paper and Currency Printing major, with its presence worldwide).

It is the first Central Bank in the Caribbean to issue Polymer currency.  The 50 Dollar Award-winning Banknote commemorates the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago’s Golden Jubilee Anniversary (50 years of its establishment). Apart from Commemorative Banknote issues for collectors, this Banknote was also issued into general circulation.

The Banknote is identical in size to the US Banknotes.
               The Front of the 50 Dollar Polymer Banknote

On the Front of the 50 Dollar Polymer Banknote, the stunning design, predominantly gold in colour, interprets an artist’s rendering of a red hibiscus flower and a striking image of a red-capped Cardinal bird in flight against the clear transparent polymer plastic window. Also seen on this face is the Coat of Arms/Emblem of Trinidad and Tobago.

The Coat of Arms of Trinidad and Tobago was adopted in 1962.
  The details of the Arms are as under:

Armiger: Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

Crest: A palm tree Proper, surmounted by a ship’s wheel Or. (The palm tree crest at the top of the Coat of arms was taken from Tobago’s Coat of arms, before it joined in a political union with Trinidad. The shield comprises the same colours – black, red and white – as the National Flag)

Escutcheon: Per chevron sable (white) and gules (red), a chevronel argent (silver) between in chief two hummingbirds Volant respectant Or and in base three carracks one and two of the last sailed of the third, the mainsails charged with a cross pattee of the second. (Trinidad is often referred to as the “Land of the Hummingbird”, because more than 16 different species of Hummingbirds have been recorded here. The gold ships represent the three ships in which Columbus’s company sailed in its journey to the New World).

Supporters: A scarlet ibis and a cocrico, both proper. (Both are National birds of Trinidad and Tobago)

Compartment: Waves of the Sea, issuing on the Dexter (left) a mount of three peaks representing the Trinity Hill and on the sinister (right), an isle representing Tobago, all proper.

The Motto on the Ribbon/Scroll: Together we aspire, together we achieve”.
               The Back of the 50 Dollar Polymer Banknote

On the Back of the 50 Dollar Polymer Banknote is seen a young female masquerader in an award winning Carnival costume along with the Central Bank building. 

(The above Banknote is from the collection of Jayant Biswas. Post researched and written by Rajeev Prasad)


  1. Krishnayya Ramadana has commented:
    "The banknote looks lovely Rajeev......"

    1. It does indeed, Krishnayya. I am worklng on another post which covers the Swiss 50 Franc Banknote which won the IBNS Award in 2016. It has a very advanced theme in the new 9th series of Banknotes being put into circulation in Switzerland in a phased manner. Both Banknotes are from Jayant's collection who is an avid numismatist & Bank note collector.