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Friday, 16 February 2018

675) Coin of the Year Awards-2018 (COTY-2018): i) A 5 Euro Polymer Coin from Germany is the Winner of Coin of the Year - 2018 ii) Other Category Winners:

675) Coin of the Year Awards-2018 (COTY-2018): i) A 5 Euro Polymer Coin from Germany is the Winner of Coin of the Year - 2018 ii) Other Category Winners:

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i) Coin of the Year -2018 (COTY 2018):

In this year's competition, coins issued during 2016 were eligible to be nominated:

The prestigious Coin of the Year Award - 2018 (COTY- 2018) has been won by a 5 Euro polymer Coin from Germany titled "Planet Earth". This coin is the World's first "tri-material" coin. consisting of three components - an outer ring, an inner core  and an embossable blue polymer ring. The blue ring is partially translucent and is permeable to light. The blue ring has been inserted between the metal components and forms a permanent bond. At the same time, the ring evokes the coin's motif "Planet Earth", in a striking way.

The Obverse of the 5 Euro Coin showcases Plant Earth in the centre, which is the theme of this coin. 

The Earth is portrayed with its continents rendered in stylised groupings of dots. The planet is encircled by a blue ring that is recognisable as Earth's atmosphere. The ring also represents the connection between the Earth and the cosmos.  

The Reverse of the 5 Euro Coin bears an image of an eagle, the words on the coin's periphery "BUNDES-REPUBLIK DEUTSCHLAND 5 EURO, 2016", as well as the mint mark of the mint which has issued the coin and the 12 stars of the European Union.

The specifications of this coin are:

Date of issue: 14.04.2016; Coin Quality: Brilliant Uncirculated and Proof; Metal Composition: Copper, Nickel, Polymer; Diameter/Size: 27.25 mm; Weight: 9.00 grams; Minted By & Mint Mark: Berlin (A), Munich (D), Stuttgart (F), Karlsruhe (G), Hamburg (J) - Each Mint has issued the polymer ring with a different shade of blue; Edge Inscription: "BLAUER PLANET EARTH" ("Blue Planet Earth"); Obverse Designer: Stefan Klein; Reverse Designer: Alina Hoyer.

In addition, this coin was also the winnerof the Most Innovative Coin Category.

Other Category Winners:

Most Historically Significant Coin:
Joan of Arc, France, 200 Euros Gold Coin:

Jeanne d'Arc or Joan of Arc of "The Maid of Orleans" or "La Pucelle" 200 Euro Gold coin was the first of the "Three famous French Women from the Medieval Period series" brought out by the Monnaie de Paris in July 2016. The Series based on its popularity was extended to cover more famous French women.

More details on this coin and the life of Joan of Arc in rallying the French armies/nation to fight against the British occupation of France in the 100 Year's War  are available at the following link on my post put up on this blog on 24.07.2017 at the following link: Coins issued on Joan of Arc in July 2016 by the Monnaie de Paris, France

After the English burnt her at the stake for "concocted" charges/allegations, the French rallied and drove the English out of France. A few centuries later, Joan was cleared of the charges against her posthumously and canonised by the Catholic Church in 1920. She is considered to be one of history'sgreatest saints and an enduring symbol of French unity and nationalism.

Best Contemporary Event Coin:
Gottardo Tunnel, Switzerland, 20 Francs Silver Coin:

The Obverse of the Silver 20 Francs coin on the Gottardo Base Tunnel shows the sleek opening portal in Erstfield, Switzerland at the North end of the Gotthard Base Tunnel at three-quarters angle on the left side of the coin. On the right, a Gotthard Express train, capable of travelling at speeds of 155.3 miles per hour, is depicted facing forward, parallel to the tunnel opening. The Swiss Alps rise in a grand manner in the background.wards the bottom right quadrant of the coin is inscribed "GOTTARDO" and the Year "2016".

Towards the upper periphery in a vertical orientation are seen the characters "S<N", signifying the tunnel's orientation, which looks from North to South. On the top right periphery is the designer's name "F.TRUMPI" (standing for "Fredy Trumpi").

On the Reverse of the Silver 20 Francs coin are the inscriptions - "CONFOEDERATIO HELVETICA" , THE year of issue "2016", the numeral "20" & the letters "FR" (standing for the denomination of the coin) and the letter "B" which is the Bern Mint's mark. 

The country's iconic "cross" symbol is placed below the "H" in Helvetica.

The Gottardo Base Tunnel  opened on 01.06.2016 as the world's longest railway tunnel as part of the Alp Transit Project. Construction began in 1996 and it took14 years to drill and set up the 35.47 mile path through the Alps, making the Gotthard Tunnel about four miles longer than the Chunnel Rail Tunnel that takes passengers beneath the English Channel between Folkestone, England and Coquelles, France.

The specifications of this coin are:
Issuing country: Switzerland; Year of issue: 2016; Denomination: 20 Francs; Mint Mark: "B" (Bern); Coin Quality: Uncirculated, Proof; Mintage: 30,000 (Uncirculated) pieces, 5,000 (Proof) pieces; Metal Composition: 83.5% Silver (Ag.); Weight: 20 grams; Diameter/Size: 33.00 mm; Edge: Smooth/Inscribed - "DOMINUS PROVIDEBIT" (meaning -"The Lord will provide"); Designer:  Fredy Trumpi.

Best Gold Coin:
Wildlife in our Sights, Austria, Gold 100 Euros:

The Obverse of the 100 Euros Gold coin depicts a European red fox (Vulpes vulpes crucigera) sitting on a patch of wild grasses, looking serenely into the distance to the right.

At least five different types of grass are distinguishable. Cradling the central design along the bottom right is a grouping of occasionally inter-locking ornamental scrolls and raised dots; the scrolling resembles the young shoots of a climbing vine or similar plant.

The scrolling, grass and the lines of the fox's body provide a multi-layered, visually pleasing contrast.

The Reverse of the 100 Euros Gold Coin depicts a scene of familial tranquility, with an adult fox watching over two fox cubs. 

Foxes tend to live in small family groups. The trio rests beneath a tree in a small clearing while a wood mouse peaks out of the grass beneath the middle fox. The cubs, the mouse and most of the grass occupy the lower half of the side. The tree, its leaves and the mature fox occupy the upper half, though the tree more clearly takes up the left quarter and the fox takes up the right.

This coin is part of the Series of Gold coins titled "Wildlife in our Sights" which commenced in 2013. 

The coin specifications are:

Country: Austria; Year of Issue: 2016; Denomination: 100 Euros; Mintage: 30,000 pieces; Alloy: 98.6 % Gold; Weight: 16.23 grams; Diameter: 30.0 mm; Designer: (Obverse & Reverse) - Thomas Pesendorfer & Herbert Wahner; Coin Quality: Proof.

Best Silver Coin:
Northern Sky Cassiopeia Dome-shaped, Australia, 5 Dollars Silver Coin:

The Reverse of the $5 Silver Coin features the celebrated domed shaped coin. The inscriptions on this face are - "NORTHERN SKY. CASSIOPEIA" (on the upper periphery) and 'FIVE DOLLARS" (on the lower periphery).

Cassiopeia was the beautiful but boastful queen of Ethiopia. While her beauty was unparalled, her vanity became her tragic legacy. Cassiopeia can still be seen in the Northern Skies today, with her throne circling the celestial pole and her arm desperately hanging on. As per Poseidon's wishes, the constellation is sometimes seen upside down and appears as an "M" or "W" depending on how it is viewed.  It was classified by Ptolemy, the Greek astronomer and is presently one of the 88 modern constellations.

The Obverse of the Silver $5 coin depicts an effigy of Queen Elizabeth II facing right. The edge inscriptions are "ELIZABETH II. AUSTRALIA. 2016".

The specifications of this coin are:
Country: Australia; Denomination:  $5; Metal Composition: Silver; Diameter/Size: 39.62 mm; Weight: 1 Oz; Coin Quality: Proof with coloured print; Mintage: 5,000 pieces; Year of issue: 2016.

Best Crown Coin:
Van Cleef and Arpels:
Every year, Monnaie de Paris collaborates with one of the 70 luxury houses in France to design a unique collection that combines the virtuosity of both institutions.

In 2016, it combined with Van Cleef and Arpels to design exceptional designs on both the Obverse and Reverse faces. This coin celebrates the110th Anniversary of Van Cleef & Arpels and mixes metal and diamonds in designs which highlight craftsmanship of a very high level.

This 50 Euro coin presents a mother-of-pearl insert with a butterfly shape.
The specifications of this coin are:
Denomination: 50 Euros; Coin Quality: Proof; Metal Composition: Silver 950/1000 (Ag); Diameter/Size: 50.0 mm; Weight: 163.80 grams; Year of issue: 2016; Mintage: 500 pieces.

Best Circulating Coin:
Year of the Monkey, 10 Yuan Bi-metallic, China:

This 10 Yuan Bimetallic coin celebrates the "Year of the Monkey".

The specifications of this coin are:
Weight: 9.15 grams; Denominational value: 10 Yuan; Year of issue: 2016; Diameter/Size: 27.0 mm; Metal Composition: Bi-metallic.

For more interesting legends/trivia on the Chinese Zodiac and the calendar years please click on the following link on this blog:2018 is the Year of the Brown or Yellow Dog. A 100 KGS Stamp issued by Kyrgyzstan on 31.01.2018

Best Bimetallic Coin:
Time; Silver-Niobium 25 Euro coin, Austria:

The TIME Clock 25 Euro Silver Niobium Coin issued by the Austrian Mint in 2016, is dedicated to the history of chronometry, the latest ingenuous addition to the Austrian Mint's Silver-Niobium Coins. "Time" uses its two-tone Niobium core and outer silver ring to show a selection of time-pieces throughout the Ages.

On the coin's Obverse can be seen an old-fashioned clock face in the Niobium core and a chronometer in the outer silver ring.

Though hardly the most accurate of chronometers, the Sun and the  Moon which feature on the coin's Reverse, along with an hour-glass and watch mechanism, were used widely until the 16th Century. It was determined back then, that an hour lasts 60 minutes, though time has since been increasingly sub-divided - first into seconds and then into nono-seconds. This has had the effect of making time ever more precious, with the phrase "time is money", famously coined by Benjamin Franklin in 1748.

The specifications of this coin are:
Country: Austria; Year: 2016; Face value: 25 Euros; Metal: Silver 900/1000; Diameter:34.0 mm; Weight: 16.50 grams; Coin Quality: Brilliant Uncirculated.

For more interesting topics on the innovative Silver-Niobium Coin issues covered in this Blog, please visit the following links:

Most Artistic Coin:

National Entrepreneur , Multi-faceted QR Code, Silver 5 Euros, Latvia:

The Reverse of this 5 Euro coin  features 25 raised facets that symbolise the years devoted to entrepreneurship. The inscription "5 EURO" is placed at the top, with the words "NACIONALAIS UZNEMEJS" slant-wise underneath.
The Obverse of the 5 Euro coin features a QR Code containing a message for the coming generations. At left is the year "2016" and the inscription "LATVIJA" is at the bottom.

The specifications of this coin are:
Face value: 5 Euro; Weight: 30.30 grams; Decagon side length: 12.0 mm; Metal: Silver of .925 fineness; Coin Quality: Proof; Maximum mintage: 3,000; Minted by : UAB Lietuvos monety kalykla (Lithuania); Designers : Paulis Liepa (Graphic design), Ivars Drulle (Plastic model).


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