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Wednesday, 11 April 2018

696) KINGFISHER: Sixth Coin in the "Birds of Israel" Coin Series: (2018):

696) KINGFISHER: Sixth Coin in the "Birds of Israel" Coin Series: (2018):

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The Kingfisher:

The Kingfisher stands out with its bright turquoise, red and brown colours. Found in wet areas, it perches on high branches, roofs and wires. In addition to fish, it feeds on amphibians, rodents, fish, crustaceans, birds and insects.

The Obverse of the Coin depicts a brightly coloured Kingfisher perched on a branch over water, with a fish in its beak. Inscriptions in English and Hebrew are: "Birds of Israel" (on the upper periphery) and "Kingfisher" (on the lower periphery), "The Holy Land Mint logo", and beneath it, the metal fineness ".999 SILVER", weight "0.5 Oz" and mint year "2018".

Each of the 8 coins in the series exhibits a common Reverse, with "The Land of Israel" at the centre of the world as seen from a satellite map.

Around the border, the angles and directions of a compass symbolise the "inner compass" of birds that directs them to "The Land of Israel".

The specifications of this coin are: 

Diameter/Size: 50.0 mm; Metal Composition: .999 Fineness silver (Ag); Weight: 15.5 grams; Coin Quality: Proofwith applied colour; Year of issue: 2018; Designer: Igal Gabay; Quantity/Mintage: 3,600 pieces; Minted by: ICMC (Israel Coin & Medals Corporation) - The Holy Land Mint.

The Box in which the coin is made available, together with an information booklet and the "Certificate of authenticity" (COA).

The Banner showcasing the series of eight coins which will depict - Hoopoe, Warbler, Vulture, Lesser Kestrel, Goldfinch, Kingfisher, Sun-Bird and Barn Owl.

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